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Future Business Development

Biomax Malaysia has intentions to expand its production lines and facilities to accommodate increasing demand for ME glove products from its purchasers and customers from around the globe.

Plans are for the new production lines and facilities to have the latest technology and equipment available to increase production efficiency and cost effectiveness. Semi‐automatic and fully automatic machines will be introduced to reduce human touch and errors made in the production of ME gloves which will provide better quality assurance.

The planned new manufacturing plant is estimated to cost €11.96 million (RM49.65 million). The plan is to build the facility on 8 acres of industrial land with the installation of 4 (four) 120 meters state‐of‐art fully equipped production lines which will produce an additional 968 million pieces of ME gloves.

The new manufacturing plant, when completed, will employ approximately 200 employees for its production activities and will give Biomax Malaysia an estimated total output of 1.353 billion pieces of ME gloves.

The Company intends to finance the construction of the new manufacturing plant by way of a capital raise if it is successful in listing on the FSE.

For future development opportunities for the Group, Management will consider expanding into other upstream activities such as partnerships with rubber plantation owners.

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