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19-09-2015 - Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. Suspension of Trading (ISIN: BMG1120X1039, WKN:A1W61Y)

Biomax has changed the stock exchange it is listed on to NSX and this requires you to be issued new shares. In order to get the new shares you need to return the old ones.


24.03.2014 - Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. Announce Engagement of Investor Relations Professionals

Kuala Lumpur/Bermuda, 24.03.2014: Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. with agreement dated 21.03.2014 has engaged Euro Asia Investment Corporation, London/Miami, for support in the area of Investor and Public Relations with the aim to use the listing of Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. at the Bermuda Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to raise capital but also to establish the company as a sustainable and reliable member of the international capital markets.

Euro Asia Investment Corporation will officially be named on the website of Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. as it's investor-and public relations service provider.

About Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd.

Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. has been founded in 2013 in Bermuda as the international sales-and marketing division of its 100% owned subsidiary Biomax Rubber Industries SON BHD,Kuala Lumpur.Biomax Rubber Industries SDN BHD produces and distributes gloves for medical use and is regarded as a substantial market participant in many countries in Asia and North America.The listing of Biomax Rubber Industries Ltd. on the Bermuda and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges aims to raise capital for the further international expansion of the business.

About Euro Asia Investment Corporation

Euro Asia Investment Corporation,London/Miami,represents clients worldwide with investor-and public relations services.Euro Asia Investment Corporation aims to support its selected clients to establish them as sustainable and reliable members of international capital markets.

Contact Investor-and Public Relations:

Euro Asia Investment Corporation 
12th Floor , The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street 
London, EC2A 2EW
United Kingdom

TEL: +442037347544

EMAIL: info@euroasiainvest.com

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