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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I tell when gloves have been stored inappropriately or are being used after their indicated shelf life? 
A.  Gloves that show evidence of degradation will tear more easily, with a loss in elasticity even to the point of brittleness or cracking. They often have a sticky-feeling surface, either inside or out. They should not be used. 
Q.  I've noticed that my gloves turn a darker brown in certain areas of my hand. Am I allergic? 
A.  Brown discoloration of the glove itself is not an indication of allergy but, rather, from one of three sources. These include acidic perspiration of the hand, nicotine present on fingers, or the handling of objects made from copper or iron. None of these affect the barrier protection of the product. 
Q.  If I have a chemical allergy to my favorite gloves, can I wash or disinfect the surfaces to remove the chemical? 
A.  In any situation, washing or disinfecting gloves will not remove contaminants from procedures or chemicals used during manufacturing. It is best to determine the source of your allergy and then contact hand protection manufacturers to locate one that has a suitable alternative. You could also consider wearing cotton liner gloves under your favorite brand. 
Q.  What is the purpose of "chlorination" that some manufacturers indicate? 
A.  Chlorination involves an additional step in the manufacturing process which reduces the level of residual latex protein, thereby reducing the risk of Type I allergic reactions. It also creates a slicker inner surface, reducing the need for powder so gloves slip on without a tacky feeling. However, gloves that are overly-chlorinated are prone to quicker degradation and must be monitored appropriately.

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